Sunday, March 7, 2010

Odd news

Things you didn't know about things you probably didn't know about:

Jonathan Levine to Direct Zombie Love Story Warm BodiesI Am a Zombie Filled With Love Cover
Director Jonathan Levine (The Wackness) recently replaced Nicole Holofcener as the director of a comedy about cancer formerly titled I'm With Cancer, which stars Seth Rogen, James McAvoy, and new addition Anna Kendrick. Turns out Levin also has another project in the works as well.

According to The Playlist, Levine will also adapt and direct the zombie love story Warm Bodies, based on an unreleased novel by Isaac Marion. Marion based the novel on the short story "I Am a Zombie Filled With Love," which examines a zombie's desire for love through his diary entries.

Summit Entertainment, the production company responsible for The Twilight Saga movies, has lined up the project, in a move that seems to signal a wish to be involved with any story involving love and the undead.

Levine starts production on the Cancer movie next month, and hopes to have the Warm Bodies script done by then. Production is likely to begin after Levine finishes with Cancer, which puts Warm Bodies into a possible 2012 release date. Until then, Marion has made his short story available online, which can be read here.

Lake Utopia Monster

However, the southern New Brunswick lake was actually named with tongue firmly in cheek by newly-arrived Loyalists who were thoroughly unimpressed to discover the land in Canada they’d been promised was instead located underneath the lake.

Loch Stalking Peril

Sightings of an enormous eel-like creature approximately 12 to 15 metres (40 to 50 feet) long in Lake Utopia pre-date the arrival of Europeans. The local Maliseet Nation tell an early tale of two canoeists who were chased across the lake by an angry giant serpent but, apart from a mid-1800s report of the creature busting though the ice in an attempt to feast on an ice fisherman, most reports are of a relatively benign creature that simply likes to bask in the sun. The most recent reported sighting was in 1996 by local retirees Roger and Lois Wilcox, also out canoeing at the time.

Lake Utopia is around seven kilometres long and only three kilometres at its widest, which hardly seem like utopian confines for a goodsized monstert, but then again lake is connected to the Magaguadavic River and, from there, to the Atlantic Ocean by one of the deepest natural canals in the world.

Giant Eel Theory

One theory that may have some legs to it is that the monster (or perhaps generations of monster) is actually a species of giant eel since eels spawn at sea but always return to their native lake, a bit like salmon only in reverse. Seasonal spawning patterns could also explain why Old Ned sightings are always a few years apart and why a similar creature has been reported in the nearby waters of the Bay of Fundy.

Although the Magaguadavic (a Maliseet word meaning, interestingly, “river of eels”) passes through a waterfall and a hydroelectric station in the town of St. George on its way to the sea, there are a series of underwater tunnels beneath the town that could conceivably be used by a savvy sea monster to return home again.

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