Friday, March 26, 2010

S_eedy Ca$h

I probably should have promoted this three weeks ago - but this weekend I'm seeing the final presentation of the Cross Town Player's presentation of S_eedy Ca$h. My good buddy James who operates the childrens' blog of his favourite bear cub, Charles, wrote a play back in the early moments of 2010. Well, it was well-received, and before it was officially picked up, he threw the script over to me to review - the question was, could I make it funnier?

Well - I did what I could, and my buddy James says he took many of my contributions into consideration (except my brilliant Sham-Wow! knock-off joke. It's still funny - I'll have to use it elsewhere, I guess). Anyhow, I made tons of recommendations and I think that the final project is likely to be very well done. It might be on a poor-man's budget (or a "Windsor-man's budget", as I like to call them) but that doesn't mean that it won't be super-enjoyable.

Shame on me for not posting something like this three weeks ago when there was a chance that you could have gone to see it. I hope to snap some pictures, and I'll post them up some time next week.

OR you can come down to Windsor for the play Saturday evening at 8 p.m. with $15 in hand and check it out. This is the last showing so make your way.

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