Saturday, April 3, 2010

Odds and ends from Tobermory

Well - we're enjoying a nice long weekend up at the cottage, even though there have been a few rough patches. It wasn't as clean as I would have liked it to be when we first arrived - it used to be a real staple that you tidy the place up super-nice when you leave on that last day, so that it's real nice when you show up. There were still dishes in the sink, which I wasn't to excited about.

Then we've had some trouble with the water - either the water heater isn't on, it's malfunctioned, or it's broken. In any case, we have a big pot of boiling water on-hand in case we need any to shower, wash our hands, clean vegetables or do the dishes. It's not been too uncomfortable. We haven't been able to get all of the baseboards running either - which means it's cold. But there's plenty of firewood, so we use that allot during the evenings.

Our cat is happy up here, too. I wish we'd brought a camera - she's funny.

We haven't seen any wildlife, and there's nothing open in town (except the dive shop and grocery store) so it's real quiet, but that's okay. That's basically the reason we came up here. That, and to pirate our neighbours wireless Internet signal :)

I think with this time and space - I'll finish plotting out the final act of the Zombie Dinosaurs project, and then it'll be ready to start writing! That's cool.

Dinosaur claw found by worker at Harrow on the Hill

Council workmen filling in one of the borough's many potholes found a fossilized retractable claw yesterday morning and invited palaeontologists from the University of Portsmouth to inspect the specimen.

Further digging in Harrow on the Hill uncovered a metatarsal bone, shin and knee cap. The road has been sealed off indefinitely while investigations continue.

Ancient reptile boffins say it is too early to tell which dinosaur species the bones belong to, but local geologists have already dubbed the find 'Harrowsaurus'.

Norman Carr, from the Harrow Archaeological History Association, told the Observer: "Harrow is known to date back to pre-Roman times, but this astonishing discovery could yet prove the town's origins go way further.

"Harrowsaurus was most likely a carnivore by the look of that killer claw.

Fossil-aged roadrunner dinosaur uncovered
The fossils of a dinosaur, believed to be one of the smallest and most agile of its kind, have been discovered in China, according to findings recently published in the scientific journal Zootaxa.

Xixianykus zhangi, a theropod nicknamed the "roadrunner" because of its speed and perceived ability to evade predators, was discovered by an international team of scientists in Henan Province, China. The dinosaur is approximately 1.5 feet long, and likely used large claws to dig for termites and ants.

Thanks for the name, China. How on earth are we supposed to pronounce that? Xixianykus? I guess we're lucky the Polish don't name dinosaurs - they'd end up looking like: Kyzkkyzzzykyasaurus.

Looks like there had better be a good scoring week for a couple players or else no one will score 50 goals this season, and that would be disappointing. The league has already got two 100-point scorers in Sedin and Ovechkin, but will require a monster performance in the last week from Sidney Crosby to get a third in there. Crosby is 3 goals away from 50, while Ovechkin is 4 and surprise-Stamkos is tied with Ovie. So - something to watch/root for this week.

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