Sunday, May 30, 2010

Artistic afternoon

We didn't get up to much this afternoon - chilling out mostly, however I spent some time listening to Internet radio and some podcasts while doing some more artwork on a project I expect will be finished in the next little while. I've got the first page posted here.

this is only the first page, but I've got nine of them. I finished the sketches last week, then went over some of the pages to finish the drawings. I've since begun inking them. I'm almost done with page two, and I'll scan it in and then do the necessary photoshopping to make it appear as a finished product.

That should be ready for tomorrow. I should be able to post a great deal of it shortly (before the end of next week, anyhow). So that's exciting.

As well, here is the today's comic for the King of the Road series:

Caption: 1 Frame Before

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