Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dinosaurs in the garden

Well, not really dinosaurs, but some kids found an icthyosaurus in their garden at school in Australia.
A school student and groundsman have unearthed a giant dinosaur-like sea creature in a vegie [sic] garden, 100 million years after the ancient inland sea it once roamed dried up. Year 10 student Raymond Hodgson and groundsman Ben Smith were digging corner posts for a vegetable garden at the Richmond State School, in western Queensland, when they made the find.
It would appear that veggies are spelled vegie down under, and apparently their news reports are happy to use slang and abbreviations for things like vegetables. Good for them.

Clear explanation from Bad Robot on Lost finale
Lost fans still unclear with what happened on the show - well, you can review this link. Someone from the production company, Bad Robot, has taken a moment to explain how things were from the writers' perspective. Why this is unclear is why Lost is great: they would have an explanation, but try and show it to you, rather than say it to you, which is the fundamental difference between a hit show like this, and a stale, awful show like Heroes.

Hope this helps make sense of the entire show for you.

Latest King of the Road

Caption: Desert Road

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