Monday, May 24, 2010

Unresponsive uploading

I've got today's King of the Road ready for upload, but my browser isn't being cool with me. So I'm going to use my patented* cure for electronic errors - just turn whatever's not working for you off, leave it for a while, and turn it back on later. Far more often than not, this will solve whatever problem you were facing.

I'll edit this post after the shut-down/restart and hopefully have today's comic up - but don't get your hopes up too high. Not because it might not work, but more because the comic just isn't that good.
EDIT: I still can't upload the comic scheduled for today - but am able to upload other ones, so ... here is "A Bad Marching Band."
*Not actually patented.

Lost Finale
There was a lot of ground to cover with the finale for the show - and the writers were never misleading to suggest that all the mysteries on the show will be answered (or even all of the major mysteries, either). And whatever the finale was (it was a pretty straightforward linear plot line from point A to point B with a bit of action and some sci-fi thrown in - nothing too complicated) it featured a conclusive five minutes that summed the show up with incredible sincerity and finesse. It was touching, and encompassing - two things that a finale should have.

But don't get me wrong, it was like an episode of Scoobey Doo where they get the right bad guy, but Velma died and they never figure out who the bad guy is, what they were up to, or how they pulled off all the illusions. So ... all in all, it was pretty good, but far from as conclusive as we might have expected.

That's all for now - today we're going to see MacGruber!

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