Monday, June 28, 2010

Missed National Canoe Day

I missed National Canoe Day. Not cool. After listening to the song, I was hooked. I will have to celebrate somehow, but unfortunately late. What's next? I'll forget about, and consequently miss, Guy Fawkes day, again! Damn it!

New House
I did a bunch of yard work yesterday - including laying some top soil and seeding the big sandy patch in the back yard where the previous owners used to have a trampoline. It's gonna take a while to get the grass growing, but with all the rain we're having, I'm hopeful it'll take. I'm going to need about another eight bags of topsoil, though.

Port Perry
This weekend we had a chance to visit some of the shoppes downtown during "Moonlight Madness" where I got a coffee and a few books, which was very nice. Saturday we had the Welcome Wagon, and in the evening watched Kick Ass and then Zombieland, on the satellite. Good times.

Also, we went to a 'Welcome Wagon' event at the local Ocala Winery just outside of Port, which was very nice. They have a quiet little orchard and vineyard. It was a pot luck bbq with other folks who have recently moved into town. Of all the people there, we found a few couples who were actually living quite near us, which was nice.

The blog
I've updated some of the "Blog list" on the side, eliminating a few dead links or sites that I never bothered going to anymore - so you might see some different stuff there. I might try some new things on here, as well. We'll see.

King of the Road
Caption: Batman jumped and missed a building

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