Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mugabe comic continues

Hey there - the second page of the Mugabe comic series is now posted, and you can find it here, or the first page here. In my opinion, the first few pages start off a bit rough, but it cleans up and turns out a little more like I had envisioned by the end. I had fun making it - though after spending so much time on something, it loses a lot of the magic that comes with the first imaginative spark.

I hope you enjoy it. There will be a new page posted every day, up until it's finished. There are only nine pages, so the last one should be posted by the middle of next week.

King of the Road
Today's KOTR comic was inspired by Australia.

The other day, Maple Leafs fans were able to hear from Brian Burke about what his intentions over the summer for the hockey club will be. Those ideas are summarized here at the National Post.

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