Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rainy week so far

It's been awfully rainy here this week - which I wasn't expecting. But that doesn't mean that this place has been boring. We went to a "moonlight madness" event downtown last night. All the shoppes around the downtown strip were open until midnight with sales. I got a coffee and a few books (Eaters of the Dead and The Green Mile) while my wife picked up some clothes and entered a contest. (she didn't win the $50 million last night, by the way).

We had the "welcome wagon" come meet us today and the nice lady delivered a bunch of coupons for the businesses around the area, which was very nice. She has also invited us to a pot luck bbq for new residents in the area. That should be nice.

I also hope to get the lawn mower started up and put some more boxes packed away. Maybe even wash the car. Just. Stop. Raining.

New idea?
A friend of mine was suggesting that I try applying to be a college teacher for creative writing somewhere nearby. And I thought to myself, nah - that wouldn't work. But ... it would appear, that people who are in my exact situation are the usual college professors. People who want to do something, can't seem to get anywhere doing it - and need a job.

There are about five small college campuses nearby, meaning there's a few places to pitch the idea. I have no idea how to go about suggesting to a college that I should teach a course at them - but my first idea would be to rank the five or so colleges around, in terms of which I'd be most interested in working for, to the least interested.

Then I would make a pitch and walk up to my least favourite choice and "give 'er the ol' college try." The idea would be to refine my pitch and get familiar with what the process is like. Then, if I'm more confident with the idea, make a pitch at the most preferred college.

Will it work? I have absolutely no idea - but I'd certainly prefer to be teaching a college course than laying bricks somewhere this summer.

King of the Road

Caption: Separating Siamese Twins

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