Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stanley Cup in Nobleton, some day soon

If I recall correctly, Nick Boynton is reputably shy off the ice. From what I've heard, he's not much for all the bravado and fame that comes with being a professional athlete. However, I really do hope that he's comfortable enough to be a part in either a parade or at least a tailgate at the old Nobleton Arena now that he's won the Stanley Cup. That'll be really cool.

He's mentioned in this article on the Blackhawks home page, which basically accounts the procession in which the Cup was handed from player to player. Their website does not have photos up from Game 6 yet, but I'll make a link when they do. It's a good one, no doubt.

On a much lesser note - Joel Quenneville could be bringing the Cup to Windsor ... but who cares about that? ;)

And on an even much, much lesser note, with Chicago's victory, there is a new patient at the end of the donor list for the longest drought in Stanley Cup history ... and it's been bleeding blue and white since 1967.

On a more fun note - Brent Sopel looks like a white Snoop Dogg ... a white barnyard Snoop Dogg.

Fo Shizzel ma Frizzle = I like winning the Cup, Elliotte Friedman.

Today's King of the Road comic
If you're thinking, "Man, there are lot of these dumb comics," then you're right! I've got loads more, still.

Caption: Traffic Jam
An US army veteran was sniped in the leg, and pulled out of a war zone. In the process he lost some of his armour - the government is charging him $30,000 to replace it. Not cool, I agree.

Jon Lajoie's latest single, "Pop Song."

Not his greatest, but worth a listen for its satirical perspective on pop music. He's saying what we're all thinking! / feigned excitement

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