Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nearing the end of Mugabe

This is the last post before the conclusion of the Mugabe comic series, so if you've been waiting to read it so you can just read it all at once (it might take you two minutes total) then, you've only got one more day to wait. Here's the latest addition to the comic:

I feel that the last few pages were put together with better attention to the borders and flow of reading left to right. The first few pages were me getting back into the feel of things, I haven't drawn comics in ages - but the last few pages came out much more to my liking. It could also be that the first few pages were more about introducing characters (which isn't graphically interesting, necessarily) while the last few pages were about dinosaurs eating and smashing things (much more interesting). In any case, it's almost all posted - so I hope you've at least been entertained by reading it.

And today's King of the Road is here, too:

Caption: Big fly

The Duel, by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Theater

Dealing Kaberle
Who the Leafs will be interested in, in exchange for Tomas Kaberle in a trade. This is very well thought out.

The expanding earth hypothesis
Dinosaurs, if they were removed entirely from their Mesozoic environment and inserted directly into our environment, would likely be poisoned by the atmosphere. The gaseous composition of the world today, is undoubtedly different than it was hundreds of millions of years ago. This is probable - but might the effect of gravity also be different from back then? There's a theory that the world is still expanding, thus it was smaller hundreds of millions of years ago, and the impact of gravity on the earth would be less severe. In this case it would allow species to grow much, much larger than they are today. Here is a discussion thread on the subject, if you're interested.

Treat your neighbor as you'd like to have them to conform to behaving

If you were wondering how the Christian Right feels about evolution, see this link. If you're interested in reading hatemail that demonstrates the intolerance of others, this is still a good link. It sort of opens your eyes to see what some people have to deal with. Imagine receiving death threats because you believe in evolution? Death threats!

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