Friday, June 11, 2010

Weird stuff the last 24 hours

Admittedly, there hasn't been anything dangerous that's happened to me in the past 24 hours, but that doesn't mean that we didn't think that there could have been something dangerous ...

But seriously - unusual things happening lately.

First, last night I was helping Cogeco film a Lacrosse game, and again, lacrosse is pretty cool. It was an exciting game, for sure - and the home team won. BUT at the start of the second period, an errant pass arced across the zone and struck one of the officials in the calf muscle - he was too injured to continue. That's not so weird, but while he was being attended to by the trainers on hand, the arena made an announcement to ask if there were any Level 3 Lacrosse officials in attendance at the game.

This is just some guy getting injured, but it kind of illustrates my point.

That's right, they stopped the game and got a fan out of the stands to officiate for the second half. That's pretty unusual. In the end, it is just an interesting anecdote, but definitely unusual.

Second, and here's the dangerous part, it's just a little after seven this morning (I know, I know - you were all likely up way before that, and possibly already on your way to work by then) when the upstairs smoke alarm went off - meaning there was smoke in our upstairs hallway!

So we got out of bed (my wife first - after cussing a bit). I figured she'd put her hair straightener on and put it down or something, and that it was smoking a towel or a bed sheet in the other room. It made sense to me, so I was ready to go back to sleep (believe that! A smoke alarm going off and I'm writing it off, and going back to sleep, jeez).

Well, turns out it was nothing. There was no scent of smoke, there was definitely nothing burning - there was no good reason for the alarm to be going off. I don't think my wife even waved a towel by it to get it to turn off. Just weird.

Third thing today was someone's pet. I was just checking the mailbox after a quick jog this morning (which was very nice - super weather and a nice stream to run along) when there were two people carrying a white pet (I thought it was a cat) talking to two others who were parked by the mailboxes in a minivan.

Well - I was getting the ass-end view of whatever the animal was, but it had curly, puffy hair and hooves. Turns out they had a lamb! Somewhere in our townhouse community someone has a pet lamb living with them. That's really weird.

That's all - but if things keep going like this ... well, I'm not sure what I'll do. Put it this way, I'm heading out with Cogeco this afternoon to film the Dragon Boat Parade, and I have an unusual feeling that I'll be seeing some more weird stuff before the day is through.

Hope your day is going awesome.

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