Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A.C. Slater's geeky cousin

If only Mario Lopez's geeky cousin A.C. Scripter were here to hang with us.

I've been plugging away at my script this morning, while accommodating the gentlemen who are installing our Air Conditioner! So, not am I totally cool for writing a script but I'll also be cool for all the cold air that the new unit will be blasting through our conduits.

The script - well, the last scene I 'wrote' was almost literally transcribed from the Book of John, which is cool. It was really awesome to finally get to the point where actual historical documents can be imbibed with the fiction I've been drafting for all this time. It went well, fit the story well, and should carry the story forward in a positive way. I'm happy about that.

What else? Not a lot of news going on lately, though I've been rereading the first round of blog posts from the past. My first post was in June, 2008. It's been three years since that first post - and going through those brings back some memories. Plus, many of my thoughts and beliefs about the Leafs and other NHL teams can be reviewed knowing full well how the Leafs and the rest of the league would fair. Very interesting.

Three years ago I predicted that the Leafs would finish second-last in their conference:
As long as we all know that this is the beginning of something new. I'm not sure how long rebuilding takes, but expansion teams wind up with a better shot at winning games - like, this Leafs team will be as bad as Nashville was when they first came out in 1998. So I'm going to call it right now - Leafs record next season will be 28-47-7. Second last in their conference, perhaps second last overall in the league.
- Me, July 15, 2008

Which turned out to be sorta true, just a season later than I predicted - granted they were actually last in their conference with a record of 30-38-14. So they were a few wins better than Nashville back when they were just an expansion team (yet, perhaps Nashville fairs better if they had the shootout back when they were an expansion team?).

Disgusting. Can the Leafs possibly be this bad again next year? Odds are, no. But ... we have said that they'll be an improved team every single year since the lockout. Every year we think they'll be better. Well, now there is literally only one place that's worst, and 28 places that are better than where they finished this time. The probability is greater than .93 that they'll improve. Right?

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