Monday, July 19, 2010

First day on the job

So, you might be asking yourself, to me, what was your first day of work like today?

I would answer you that, it was just fine, thanks. It's not a big kitchen, nor is the menu difficult - but my coworkers today were pleasant and inviting, and the work was just like I remembered it to be. I haven't done kitchen stuff in a few years, but things don't really change. A lot of old memories returned, and old routines and habits started climbing back into my noggin. So I think I'll be able to hack this out for as long as I'm interested in it.

And basically that's what I've been hoping for since we moved here. Frankly, I'm glad to have found a job of this nature in town - there's an open market for people to work in restaurant kitchens, apparently, and I'm definitely more interested in this line of work if it's only a five-minute drive away. No doubt, I wouldn't want to drive for a job like this into Whitby or Oshawa. That just wouldn't be worth it.

So ... so far so good. It's not so bad.

New King of the Road comic
And for the record, I have no idea why I felt it was necessary to run the entire U.S. army over in the comic strip. I probably didn't even know that Canada had an army at the time, first of all, and I think the only reason I did this was because it made for a good reason to have a hundred people all on the street. Plus, I think this had something to do with 'stick-man wars' that I was having fun with back in those days.

If I find a stick-man war, I'll be sure to post it!

Caption: U.S. Army

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