Thursday, July 22, 2010

I get a long weekend soon

Today will officially be the beginning of a long weekend for me, which is great after having been off work for a few months and only had 4 work days this week. But seriously, it's good. We're heading back down to Windsor for a wedding this weekend, and I've got Monday off, too (and it had better be sunny!)

My work shifts so far this week have been 'wait and see' in terms of what time I get off. So, while I was free by 4:30 on Monday and Tuesday, yesterday they had me on until 6 (which was fine, but a little unexpected). And I know that Thursdays and Fridays the restaurant is open later (closes at 8 I think).

So I don't know really what time I get off, but the best part is that I work right down in the main strip in town (hard to call it a 'down-town' what with it being so small) and I can ride my bike by the book shop, the candy store, the grocery store, the riverfront, and a variety of other places on my way back home. It's pleasant, full of opportunities, and really nice (when it's sunny and not snowy - we'll have to wait and see how that all pans out).

Here's hoping that Windsor is fun this weekend (it should be).

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