Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stanley Cup in Nobleton

Oh yeah! It was a busy time at the arena, and my unofficial crowd estimate for the entire day could be about a thousand people. It was busy, and there were significant lines. If you missed it (which you likely did, seeing as how I didn't recognize anybody there) it was like a beer tent set up beside the arena by the public pools.

Me and the wife with Nick and the Cup

There was a nice bbq against the side of the arena, and you could line up to get yourself a burger or hotdog, along with a soda, chips and condiments. Most people took that in. Then there was a large tent and a stage set up. Also a little spot where Nick was posted having his picture taken with the Cup and everyone in line.

He was much happier and friendlier than I would have been after hours and hours of posing for the camera. He was a real good sport about it - and he should be proud of that. Regrettably, under these circumstances, you don't get to spend much time with Nick or the Cup - but there's a picture to say you were there.

Allot of people came out for the event, and most people drove. There just isn't that much parking around the are for 400 cars - but that was half the fun, I suppose. Congrats to Nick and the Blackhawks for finally bringing a Cup back to Chicago and Nobleton, after all these years.

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