Saturday, July 24, 2010

Workopolis shows how you can have a long weekend, too

When I first saw the heading for this article, I thought: aha, this will be fun to post. After reading it, I realize it's pretty brutal. Not funny, not interesting and not helpful. I guess these are actual excuses, though. Where are the cool ones that people probably pull out on their bosses all the time?
My grandmother died (again): The least believable excuses for missing work

The least believable excuses for missing work

The least believable excuses for missing workOn the lighter side of life, Ceridian LifeWorks, a top provider of Employee Assistance Programs, asked HR managers to share the most unbelievable reasons their employees have given for missing work. They included:
  • I was trapped in my house by a skunk.
  • I have head lice.
  • The barometer was too high.
  • The neighbor’s dog died in front of my garage, and I couldn’t get the door open.
  • I couldn’t open my garage door because the power went off.
  • My car tires were repossessed, and my car was up on blocks.
  • I left my car keys at work last night.
  • I didn’t have a key to lock my house because my mom took it.
  • My washing machine was broken, so I had no clean clothes.
  • I dropped my kid’s bike on my foot.
  • I got so sunburned on the weekend that I couldn’t get dressed. (I'd believe this one - but you'd have to obviously look sunburnt the next day at work)
  • My apartment was so cold that my hair froze after I washed it.

Colleen Clarke
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