Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bed pieces finally came

And we're super stoked. My roommate and his girlfriend were priceless in helping to put it together today, too. We bought this thing over a month ago, had it delivered almost a month ago, and received most of the parts almost a month ago.

It's taken over a month to get the rest of the pieces - and over that very unsatisfied amount of time, I totally forgot how awesome the bedroom set was. It's really super, and I'm totally excited to finally have it all set up - EVEN IF MY WIFE WON'T USE THE BOX SPRING.

Our bed looks super huge with the box spring - it's awesome. Wifey doesn't like it - so we're never ever going to use it, which is too bad. If you want a great, brand new box spring for your bed, I've got one. I could trade it for a couch/chair for our front room, perhaps.

Otherwise, this means we are in BUSINESS for having company, now that we're not sleeping in the guest room. This means YOU can sleep in our guest room, and you're totally welcome to. It's a good room (not as good as the master bedroom) but it's nice, nonetheless. come check it out, spend the night, and come visit. We're finally ready for you!

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