Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The difference in a year

It's amazing what a difference a year makes. Often I'm a rubbed the wrong way by people who suggest that "time flies" only because I believe that such a mentality enforces the idea that they would ignore so much that goes on between events. Case in point - it's been a full year (almost) since my wife and I left Windsor - and there's been a LOT of things that have happened to us in that year. A big year for us, for sure.

Around this time last year we had packed up and moved to Peterborough, I was putting out new episodes of The Extent, my "fiance" was starting her new job - and now we're in a totally different town, with a different marital status, I've had two jobs, volunteered with a new OHL team, a cable network, an animal welfare clinic, we got a new cat (whom I honestly can't imagine living without now) and a new house. A big year.

Time doesn't fly - time is a constant, predictable measure. And I think we're all better off for always being conscientious of how we spend our time and where the time goes. Granted, I've had lots of time to think about these sorts of things over the last year, too.

On a hilarious side-note, we streamed a few episodes of Tosh.0 last night on my laptop. I love that show. There was one clip that had me in tears, and of course, I have found it on YouTube to share. It's awesome.


legs said...

Dude...sit in an office almost every day for 7 years and you'll see how time does fly. Of course time is a constant. My personal perception of it has been fast while at work and since I am at work for much of my concious state of the day then it seems to be most of my time. There really is not alot to look forward to in a boring office between my various exciting daily events behind this desk. (well exept your blog of course) I do however attempt to slow my time away from work. It does seem to go slower if I make the effort.

Anyway...nice railings! haha.

Rogers said...

I know what you mean. It's hard when every day is the same day - the uniformity of everything always being the same blurs everything together into one indistinguishable lump - and it's real easy to overlook it at a glance.

glad you like the railing. sorry I couldn't help out with the pool table and furniture - i definitely would have preferred moving furniture to my job. ;)