Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got an issue, here's a tissue

My wife found a competition online where you can upload artwork for a competition (winner gets $10,000) for a design on a Scotties tissue box. You can upload up to 10 entries - I've submitted two already.

So, you just draft up a picture (mine is done in crayons):

Then you scan and upload it onto a box template at their website:

Neither are particularly awesome, or $10,000-worthy, but it was kinda fun. I may submit a few more - perhaps some images that are basically promotional material for The Extent videos or my blog. Just paste the url for the sites and an image or two on the box, and wait for thousands of people to scan through the submissions and vote.

It would be fun to have your artwork on a tissue box. For example, if YOUR wife were a great artist, who would find something like this fun and awesome, I think you'd be inspired to tell her about it, wouldn't you think?

You can visit the Scotties site:

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