Friday, August 6, 2010

hard finding things to blog about

It's been difficult over the last few days to find anything to really write about. Not that I couldn't look for something to post - but without Lost, the NHL, or any major developments in any of my hobbies or anything - it's just been pretty slow lately.

Just this morning I was able to finish the last scene in the second act of the script I'm writing - and that gets me into the final few scenes of the third act to wrap the whole thing up. That's really exciting. I'm currently drafting the scene where you discover the back-story on the villain, which I developed a long time ago, but am finally getting a chance to write.

The third act should have a whole lot of weird, interesting, exciting stuff in it - as well as the motivations of all the characters should come clear soon enough. So you should be going: So you should be both excited by what the characters do, as well as why they're doing it - and of course be wondering what's going to happen as you go along. That's the hope.

And if you're wondering if the big game-changing cliff-hanger is going to be: "I'm going to move the Island," you'd be wrong. I wouldn't do something so ridiculous ;)

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