Friday, August 27, 2010

How to finally get writing

First reread of the script is done - ready to make some edits/ rewrite a scene

I have gone through my screenplay that I've been drafting and made a few recommendations to myself. I think I'll have to rewrite one of the scenes to have the protagonists play a more direct part in it. As it stands, they just sit by and watch as something happens, and they don't really need to be there.

I'd rather have that scene fill out so that they are actually responsible (however motivated) for the action that takes place in the scene. This will undoubtedly require a few more pages of action, but at that point in the script, it's going to be totally worth it.

I've been paying attention to lots of writing stuff that the Internet has to show (especially since we canceled our introductory movie package with Bell earlier this month) and find neat ideas scattered all over it.

How to finally get writing
The Top 20 Distractions from writing - this list is a bit childish, if you ask me, and sounds more like something you'd get in an email about not writing an essay in college or something. Most of this list is pretty tired. I find that the best results I've had for making writing progress has been to take an hour in the morning before work (after the wife has left) to just go at it for a little while. After having "scene capsules" finished, I can just flesh out what I know has to happen in the scene. For a first draft, just get something written down, editing will fix it later.

The other thing I've learned is - if you've only got 15 minutes, that's sometimes more than enough time to get something done, considered, motivated or even finished, believe it or not. Granted, it takes quite a bit of prep time to put yourself into a position where you know what you want to write, and it becomes a simple matter of actually writing.

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