Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long days at work

I was surprised to have such a long day at work the other day - and Saturdays look like they're always going to be long shifts - and I have a weird feeling that Sunday could be pretty intense, too (last Sunday was insane!).

This means I'm definitely going to be looking forward to my 'weekend' on Monday, even though we're rumoured to have thunderstorms here that day - and I was hoping for shun-shine (as that commercial says it).

The weather's been very nice lately around here, cool in the evenings and mild during the day. I get the impression that it might get very cold around here in the winter - considering how chilly 22 degrees feels when you're down by the lake. Could be very cool around here, indeed.

When you come to visit, be sure to bring a pull-over and a jacket, just in case. Even if it is August.

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