Sunday, August 15, 2010

Railing's great

We got most of the difficult measuring, cutting and screwing for the railing done yesterday (my day off) and there's only fastening the balusters to the rails left to do today, while I'm at work. Then we'll stain it, but ... that might be in a little while. We'll see.

The schedule for today is thunderstorms, so it's great that we were able to do a whole whack of the work on a mild, sunny afternoon in the backyard.

I took some pictures, and even unloaded them from the camera so I can post them up. Now, it's important that I stress that I basically just held the wood while it was either being measured or cut, and that's about it. Everything else was done by others - but I did what I could.

We had plenty of tools and supplies on hand.

Had to make measurements to get started. (I'm just standing nearby)

Then we had to cut the wood. (Notice, I just stand nearby)

Had to dig some holes. This made sledging the spikes into the ground a lot easier. Not easy, but easier. (I did dig these holes, though)

Here you can see some of the progress.

After using the sledge to hammer the spikes in, we filled the holes back up. I did swing the sledge (t0o much, if you ask me!)
The first rail looks pretty good.

A few more rails, and a couple balustrades tacked into place.

The final framework at the turn. We've, since this photo, tacked a few more balustrades into place - and we'll get to screwing them into their final positions today.
Well, I'll be at work today, but the screwing should still get done while I'm away. I hope there aren't severe thunderstorms like the Weather Channel is predicting. Says 70% chance of thunderstorms all day today. Not cool

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