Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to August

It's a beautiful and mild morning here in the Port and the sun is shining. Just a great morning - not too hot, very comfortable and peaceful. Yeah, I've got to work today, but not until noon, so I've had half the day to enjoy, which is great.

I hope August is just like this. July has been a bit tense - a new job, fitting into the house, waiting for the damned parts for our new bedroom set (it's been well over a month now - and the parts are supposed to be in on Tuesday - after the long weekend). I'll have to wait and see if they will in fact arrive on Tuesday or not - and then see if they're in fact the pieces that we need, or not. I sure hope they send us the right pieces.

Then we'll officially be available for guests - as soon as we can move out of the guest room and into the master bedroom. Cross your fingers and hope that the right pieces come through! If they don't, a discouraging and open letter to The Brick will be available very shortly.

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