Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing habits

First off - I've been writing at least a page every morning/afternoon for the past few weeks, and it's really great. You get into the routine of doing it - and if you're interested as a hobbyist in doing anything, it's important to find to time do it.

I've really been proud of myself with the progress I've been able to make with the script I'm working on - and I've almost finished another two scenes just today - bringing me ever close to finishing the first draft of this thing. And that's very exciting.

Free from the Beeb
I've been doing research on writing, and on writing scripts - and I'm excited to say that I've found a link from the BBC that offers a free download of some script-writing software if you're interested. Check it out and download it if you'd like.

Note to self
I'm just linking here - it'd be great to have a literary agent. Here's a link to one. Also, if you're looking for tips or information on software or building a scene list, you can look here.

New artwork over on Zombie Dinosaurs blog.

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