Saturday, September 11, 2010

First things first

I've got a few projects (a bunch of small cartoons, basically) that I want to roll out shortly - they'd be in the same vein as the "Where's Kitty?" cartoon - but my largest obstacle is cleaning out our basement. I've spent about two-and-a-half hours over the last few days moving boxes and getting things in a position that I might be able to clear it out for a workspace.

But saying that - now I have two bookshelves slammed with novels, reference guides and paperwork, and two desks piled with rubber bands, paper clips, bills, bank statements, comic books (??? I have comic books?) office supplies, photographs, and completely random odds and ends. All of this stuff has to get cleared away so I have room to work - thus "work space."

I've got another cat cartoon, a Mexican Food cartoon and a series of Fund Raising cartoons for a buddy of mine to put together. My buddy felt that there weren't enough fund raising cartoons kicking around for him to use in slideshows and things like that. So we sat down one evening and drafted up about 15 bad jokes ideas that follow the same pattern as the Aniamaniac's "Good idea, Bad idea" shtick. I think they're funny - all of them. I think my pal only approved the commission of 5 of them.

I won't spoil any of it - but know that I fully hope to have some more artwork to show some time soon.

Last night I also decided I wanted to put some achievable deadlines on a few projects. It seems if I can set some goals for a few of the many projects I've got fluttering around that I might be able to just sit down and get 'em done. Believe it or not, I've got about 10 things I'd like to get "hobbying" on sooner than later. I'll never get any of them done (just all of them half-ass started) unless I put an effort into getting them done.

The Kitty comic, for example, was a mere evening of doodling while I sat in front of the t.v., so these are definitely achievable. But the very first thing before any of these things is getting a work space set up that works for me. And that can be awfully daunting. You need room to put everything, placed to put things, and a system and set up that works. I've got all the tools - just not the storage so far. So a little more time stacking shelves and filling drawers and everything is going to be awesome.

My ideal situation - working on The Tomb of the Undead while listening to Leafs games on the radio ('cause we won't have cable to watch the games - and there's no promise that once you buy a cable package that the cable company won't just start another useless channel that you don't have subscription for and put the games on that channel - which you can't access unless you purchase the upgrade, but I digress).

Anyhow - I have a vision, time to make it happen.

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