Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's to a fresh start

Well - I found that I was very unhappy with my last position at my last job. Very unhappy - and so I concluded that it was time for a change of scenery. Far from it for me to swing from one vine without knowing where the next vine is - I started calling around to see if there was somewhere else to work.

Sure enough - I now have another kitchen job at a more established location with a bigger and better kitchen, staff that will be closer to my age and gender (thus I'll be more able to relate to them) that's actually even closer than the six minute bike ride I already took to work and MOST IMPORTANTLY - they have enough staff that I don't have to work all day every day on the weekends and most evenings during the week, which means more time with my wife.

The last three weeks she has worked 9 - 5 on week-days, and I've been working until about 8 or 9 p.m. on most week days, and from 11 - 9:30 on weekends, which translated into spending next to zero time together. This was the greatest factor in being unhappy with my last position.

Last week I asked if I could have a Sunday off - the boss said no, and then I wound up somehow picking up another shift in there. That wasn't what I wanted. So - that's all she wrote. I told the boss I was interested in a change of scenery - found a new job around the corner, and will be starting that tomorrow morning.

Unluckily, I'm already committed to working double-shifts on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at my old job (you can see why I'd be unhappy during a long weekend - and my wife would be unhappy, too - what's she going to do all by herself for a whole long weekend?)

But the end is in sight! Soon I'll be at a location that might have the Leafs games on during any evening shifts, enough staff working on weekends that they won't need me all the time, and things should fall back into a balance we're more comfortable with. I'm really looking forward to it - and wiping my hands clean of the past month and a half of unbearable conditions (10+ hour shifts, 95-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, and near complete absence from my wife = unbearable) at my old place of business.

Here's to a fresh start.

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