Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I can't, in good conscience, post this on Facebook

But - it's only about 9 p.m. and for some reason ... and this is really odd to me ... 8 people have posted that they're excited about Glee tonight. I honestly can't recall when someone has posted a "I like television" link on their Facebook account, though I'm sure it's happened before.

But for suddenly 8 people to do it, all at once, when I can't recall something like this happening before, it strikes me as very odd. AND ... is Glee even popular?
Television phenomenon “Glee” returned last night to open is sophomore season with more than 12 million viewers, and a exceptional 5.5 in the 18-49 demo, leading all shows for the night. That’s way above it’s first season average, when about 9 million viewers tuned in with a 4.0 in the demo. “NCIS” had a strong showing as well, with 19 million viewers and a 3.9 in the demo, good for second at 8 p.m.
Well - shows what I know, I guess.

This is how the "new" shows fared in the ratings:

1. "Hawaii Five-0," 14.2 million (11th overall)
2. "Blue Bloods," 13 million (17th)
3. "$#*! My Dad Says," 12.6 million (20th)
4. "Mike & Molly," 12.23 million (22nd)
5. "The Defenders," 12.17 million (23rd)
6. "The Event," 10.9 million (27th)
7. "Detroit 1-8-7," 9.3 million (35th)
8. "Undercovers," 8.7 million (40th)
9. "Better With You," 7.9 million (45th)
10. "Outsourced," 7.5 million (47th)

"The Event" has had a serious radio advertising campaign going on - but with middle of the pack ratings, and a heavy dependency on following along - I can only imagine that the ratings will shrink week after week. suckas!

Here, just so this post isn't an entire waste of your time:

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