Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty happy with our Bell service

We have signed up for the Bell telephone, internet and television package - and I'll admit that the first few bills have been troubling. The first statement was actually two months' services charged at once, then the second statement had all these extra charges that we'd thought we'd take care of after the first month.

BUT the problems with our statements have all routed from the difference between their billing period and the date they actual charge the statements. As it happens, they prepare their statements on the 12th of a given month, and the statement covers the upcoming month (meaning you pay in advance). So - if you make a change to your services - whether it's upgrade your Internet package, downgrade your television package, or have a PPV charge - something like that, and those changes are made between the 12th and the 20th (which is probable, considering you'd like to take the most advantage of a service before the next statement period begins) then they are not realized on the statement you receive in the mail.

This is obvious - you've been charged on the 12th for a service you discontinued/changed on the 20th, for a statement period that ranges from that said 20th to the next 20th. So your statement arrives and you open it up and go ... wait a f-ing second! We changed all this.

So then you've got to get these eight-page statements out and compare the month before with the month now and see what's the same, what's different, get all your ducks in a row and figure out what the hell happened. Then you've got to call up and clear this all up.

Here's where I've been very happy with everything. While there has been some confusion on our end regarding how everything operates with the Bell service - the agents that I speak with have all the answers, you never seem to wait more than a minute on hold, they have your statements, they know their stuff, and they double-check every step along the way that you understand and you're happy with each answer.

There must be a very regimented training seminar that focuses very carefully on customer service and how to specifically address the important parts of customer service with Bell. I don't know where their agents are located (rumour is India somewhere) or how many jobs are exported to some other country - but the customer service is very good.

And after having had everything explained to me - I can really appreciate their detailed and itemized breakdown of each of the charges on your statement. It can be a long statement (8 pages sometimes) with hundreds of numbers and calculations and tables - but literally every detail of your media consumption is listed for you. And the range of services and packages are detailed enough that you can make adjustments that genuinely maximize what's right for your preferences.

So - it's been good. I haven't really had an opportunity to experience a lot of other "all in one" providers to compare what they're like - but this has been nice.

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