Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So this is September,

... and what have you done? Another month over. And a new one just begun.
Ans so this is September. I hope you have fun.

Now, to keep my eyes peeled for Mark David Chapman impersonators.

New Terrence Malick Movie Set in 1950s Midwest... with Dinosaurs?
The Tree Of Life: "The story, from what little we know about it, is set in the 1950s Midwest and focuses on a character during both his happy childhood and his troubled adulthood; the sad events and experiences that brought about the change; and his quest to regain meaning in his life. Somehow or other, dinosaurs come into play, according to a visual effects artist who worked on the film and apparently didn't get the gag-order memo from Malick."
I don't really know who Terrence Malick is - nor about this movie (although it appears to be about Sean Penn looking back over his life, and Brad Pitt is his father. And somehow there is a dinosaur sequence in the middle of the film - which sounds cool.

BP for my wife, and dinosaurs for me. Perhaps we'll drive out to the next town over to find The Tree of Life in theatres when it comes out? Wikipedia says, November 1.

Black Thought's Favourite Dinosaurs
The Jimmy Fallon show is now writing songs at the request of Twitter posts - and someone suggested that Black Thought (a member of the roots) sing a song about his favourite dinosaurs. click the link and watch "the making of Black Thought's Favourite Dinosaurs." It looks like it was fun.

That's all for now - hope your September goes awesome.

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