Tuesday, September 14, 2010

THN's NHL Team Reports

The Hockey News's Sept. 13 issue had a small segment called "30 Wacky Off-Season NHL Tales" that basically was a little blurb that was somewhat interesting about each team. They were mostly banal little bits about players or coaches or trainers or things like that. One of those unimportant, less-than-interesting and not-wacky-at-all "tales" was actually very relevant to me.

Capitals Radio voice Steve Kolbe calls ice action all winter, then heads for shimmering waters each summer. Kolbe is an avid bass fisherman, competing in tournaments along the Potomac River near Washington, D.C.

"I can't do anything for fun," said Kolbe, who will do his 1,000th Capitals game this fall. "I figured if I was going to fish, I might as well be challenged by the best."

Kolbe fished three tournaments on the Potomac this summer, but didn't cash out. But in a Canada Day celebrity classic on Lake Scugog in Ontario, he hooked five bass totaling 11 pounds, finishing second to Nik Antropov in a fundraiser for cancer research.
- Peter Kerzel

Hell yeah! We were there for that! It's odd the article names the body of water, but not the town. I guess that's normal. But the Canada Day celebration was here in Port Perry and we got to see some past Maple Leafs. Kolbe contributed an autographed Ovechkin jersey for a silent auction for charity at the tourney, too.

And yes, we got to see Nik Antropov. He is very big. Those are normal kids by him, and he still towers over them. Antropov was also with Owen Nolan and Alexei Ponikarovsky, but Antropov got the big round of applause. The fans respect him a whole lot for what he does around Ontario still after being a Maple Leaf for all those years. Yeah, he's been traded and has to play in Atlanta now (but .. maybe they'll be in Quebec or Winnipeg in a years time anyhow?) but he still calls Canada home (better than calling Kazakhstan home, right?) and contributes to Ontario-based fundraisers which goes to show that he's a great guy.

He may not have been able to live up to the Maple Leafs-first round pick standard that was hoped of him, but he's still (it would appear) a dedicated and honourable Canadian. So that's really great.

It was very cool seeing pro-NHLers out and about.

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