Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hawaii 5-0

It was about this time last year that we went out to Hawaii for our honeymoon - and we got to tour all over Oahu for a few days. Oahu isn't particularly large, and basically there is only one big city, Honolulu. And we went on the Lost tour, where a production company films all over Oahu- anyhow, the important part of this story is -

Hawaii 5-0 is also filmed all over Oahu, and when you watch the show, no matter the quality of the show, it's kind of thrilling to revisit the places we visited during our honeymoon, while watching the show. When they run over to the "market" we go: hey, like, the one between the hotels on that main strip? Yup - then they run through it. It's kinda cool.

Shorelines and things like that are all pretty familiar, and you can easily see our hotel and other common sites just watching the show. It's really neat.

anyhow - we were there about a year ago, and it's fun to "revisit" our honeymoon in some small way on Mondays at 9. Sorta.

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