Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home improvement

Yesterday evening we finished assembling some furniture we purchased a few weeks ago with help from the In-Laws. They look great, and I will definitely post some pictures when I get a chance.

We were up late putting them together - in bed by 2 a.m.

This afternoon we're framing the doors and windows in the basement to make it look nice, then hanging three doors. Shouldn't take much longer - but in the process, had to pick up some putty, putty-knives, primer and more deck stain - which means more chores around the house for the future.

HOWEVER - it looks great. I'll post some pictures shortly (before and afters - even a few durings).


legs said...

I envy newer home owners. I also just put some old doors in some old holes they needed to be in.

New house: Install door and hardware. Adjust.

Old house: Door is old and needs refinishing. It already has 8 layers of paint on it so that the door is actually larger then where it needs to go. Plain down old paint. Re-paint so they don't look to crappy. Install hardware. Realize that that some hardware is lost, broken or damaged. But new hardwar. New does not fit old. Need to adjust door and frame to fit new hardware. Install door. Door does not fit. Door frame is out by one inch on one end. Likley house settling? Bad workmanship? Don't want to make framing changes to house so I move on and attempt to re-adjust hinges. ALso find out trims and frame have 8 layers of paint on them. Need to adjust this aswell. Door still not fitting. Get frustrated after many hours and use some old hardware with new hardware to make necessary adjustments. Plain more wood take off quater round at base of door so it closes all the way. Installed door, does not fit right. Leave it where it is and have a beer. Move on to second door.

Rogers said...

I sincerely hope I can help with your next round of renovations. I can hold your beer while you're beveling the 17 layers of paint off the trim. I'm good like that.

legs said...

Great. I am doing another round of electrical in the coming weeks. Hope to put lights and switch's in the bedrooms and hall. Maybe some pot lights in the living room.

After that its a brick accent wall in the dining room followed by a new counter and backsplash the kichen. May also add lights under the uppers.

After that I may do some work in the basment. Move a wall or two. Do some framing. Not sure how far i'll get into the basement. Very expensive.

Enbridge promised to have my gas meter installed by the 25th. Which is a Monday. After its installed I can get the furnace installed. It will likely be a week or so after the meter is put in. If they stick to our 25th contract then its looks like I should have a new furnace in 2-3 weeks which brings us up into November. I have almost no more oil now. House is getting cold!