Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life ...

.. perhaps life isn't supposed to be easy, but it sure seems easier when the Maple Leafs are winning. They were good against Montreal, and were exceptional against the Senators on Saturday night. If you didn't get to watch either game, that's a real shame.
The Stampede was wonderful - the Buffalo Sabres beat the Senators in their home opener, and our team of 27 Stampeders shamed the Sens fans left and right. Fans left early to avoid our gloating - it was everything I hate about going to live sporting events, except this time we were on the delivering side of punishment.

It was a thing of beauty.

I found this, and think it's great:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving - I'm looking forward to being back to posting with regularity shortly. A lot of stuff I'm hoping to have done shortly. Thanks.

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