Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our first snow fall this season

Well, it's official - we've had the first snow flakes of the new season. Granted, we saw snow earlier in the year two weekends ago while we were in Ottawa for our anniversary - where it was snowing lightly. But this afternoon big happy flakes whipped around the yard for a little while - and we were happy to see them.

Here you can see some of the flakes on my arm - and inspect how my second-degree burns are healing. Still a little off-colour, but they aren't flakey, scabby or sore anymore, which is great.

If you click on this picture you can get a better feel for how big and flaky the flakes really are.

Now our trick or treaters are coming to a slow. We had maybe 25 or 30 this year. Nothing too big - but it's still a small town, so maybe this was a good year. Hope everyone had a nice Hallowe'en.

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