Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pot roast and pumpkin soup

Usually when I get to making a roast in the slow cooker, I'm unwilling to let it cook slowly. Usually I put it in, and I hope to be able to eat it before too long, and slow cookers/roasts just don't work that way.

This morning, I totally browned some seasonings in a pan, then rubbed them on a roast, before stewing up some fresh vegetables and onions with sauces and cooking wines - before dropping it all in the slow cooker by about 11 a.m. this morning. What's the important part?

I'm not taking it out of the pot until about 9 p.m. tonight. That means it's going to be so juicy, marinated, tasty and moist! Man, I'm excited.

I'm on a split shift this afternoon, so I definitely had time to pick up some pumpkins, cream and garlic before I head back to work at 4 this afternoon. When we start cutting our pumpkins this evening to make Jack'o Lanterns ...
(POW - just had an awesome idea! Make a Michael Jackson pumpkin, and call it the JACKOlantern. Maybe that's a better pun than a pumpkin?)
... and use the pumpkin meat to make some creamy soup.

Should be a great, seasonal meal - even if it won't be ready till about 11 p.m. Even if.

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