Tuesday, October 19, 2010


First up - on Friday we were up until 2 a.m. assembling the television stand and shelving unit that goes beside it. They look pretty good, and fit the room very nicely.

We could have purchased two shelves for the tv stand, but ... you can see that there just wouldn't be room for it. Anyhow - it looks great, and we're happy about that.

The next day we set to work framing the doorways and window wells in the basement.

We also installed three doors while we were at it.

I hadn't done any mudding in almost 9 years, but things like that come back to you faster than riding a bicycle. I haven't sanded anything down yet, but once we do the primer is ready to go on and everything should look nice and smooth.

This window was framed exceptionally well - it looks great, even if you can't quite appreciate the detail from this picture.

On Sunday we had to get a different door that fit at the top of the stairwell - once that was swapped in, my father-in-law sawed a tricky hole in the door for our cat to get through. She didn't hesitate to use it for even a moment. You'd think she'd thought it had been there all along. Honestly, I think she likes the little hole and she knows that it's just for her.

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