Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simple - well, simpler

So - putting the iPods and mp3 players aside - I had some time to sand and prime one window in the basement. I ran out of painter's tape, so I didn't get too much done. However, the sanding took quite a while - I hope that it was just this piece of trim that had a little more mud on it than usual - and that the rest don't take as long.

The lighting isn't too great in this photo - but I think this'll look pretty sharp when it's dry.

But nothing is too easy around here - no sooner had I painted it and grabbed the camera, a little devil hopped up and slipped through the opening (and of course it's still wet). The little bastard then stopped in the stairwell. I made eye contact and tried to keep her attention while I scanned desperately for a towel or blanket, or rag or ANYTHING to wipe her feet with. Of course, there's nothing - closest towels are in the kitchen.

Little white footprints on the stairs? Uh, oh.

I'm standing there - no towel or anything, just a camera. I'm not not going to take a picture of her. So I did - then back to problem solving.

So ... do you think the cat sits still while I walk past her in the stairwell and grab a towel to wipe her feet? Hell no. She's ready to play school-yard tag. Up the stairs, around the corner, through the dining room, back through the kitchen, over the new chair, onto the new couch, down and back across the new rug, back through the kitchen, into the dining room (she didn't hop all over the old couch or chair, just the new rug) then up the stairs and through the hall and onto the bed.


It could have been a lot worse - luckily her feet weren't too wet and there were only a few footprints at the top of the stairs. Everything else is fine. Could have been a lot worse. Anyhow I hope she doesn't hop on the damned thing and walk all over the house while I'm at work and my wife is out.


Anonymous said...

Really glad I didn't read this until I got home from work (or else I would have rushed home to make sure there weren't white footprints all over the house). Luckly our little 'angel' stayed away from the wet paint while you were gone.

legs said... likely were wearing old clothes as you are working with paint and such. Either use your old shirt or just pick the cat up next time.

With cats....there will be a next time always.

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Rogers said...

Cincabi: n. 1. a word that isn't in the dictionary. 2. you could look in the dictionary, and you wouldn't find this word in their. Also v., to turn up empty handed.

from the ancient Arabic - Cinabere, for "cannot find" and libri, for "library."