Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So - I didn't really have much going on this week other than a bunch of hobbies, and then all of a sudden the Stampede comes knocking on my door. Perhaps destiny had plans for me and that's why I had Friday off for no reason.

The Stampede is my buddy Westy's idea of having a good time. Basically, it goes like this. You head into Ottawa/Buffalo/wherever on Thursday night, have a bunch of cocktails and prime your body for a famous Friday. Friday is the season opener for the Buffalo Sabres - the fans assembled for this are called "The Herd" and together, they Stampede.

25 seats behind the goalie, 25 assholes wearing "royal order waterbuffalo" hats from right out of the Flintstones, and two evenings of debauchery in the name of sports. The game is preceded by a tailgate party aka road hockey game, and in most cases The Stampede gets honorable mention in the game bulletin, the televised broadcast and the sports journalists seem to write articles about it.

Even better, it's all a bunch of friends from college brought together by our shared experiences with Westy in Windsor. All of a sudden, Thursday afternoon/evening, Friday morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday morning are all gone. No longer time spent on hobbies or making dinner or quality time with the wife. Sometimes life just snags time away from you just like that - rarely is it THIS AWESOME when it does!

The only reservation I have about this (because I've been heavily interested in an event like this for over five years) is that I just bought $100 in groceries (a lot of it meat and vegetables) that I'm not going to be able to use very soon. Tonight, working - not cooking, Thursday, hitting the road, Friday, gone; Saturday, might be able to cook A dinner and then Sunday is Thanksgiving (not using any of my own food that day, and will probably come home with leftovers!).

So - big dilemma: what to do with all that food?

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Anonymous said...

Shelly will eat some of it. Bring the veggies to your folks place for dinner and freeze the meat.

Hell, blanch and freeze the veggies.