Wednesday, October 20, 2010

technology can go fuck itself

So I've got an iPod. It's from a while ago - I'm not sure when. Apparently I cannot add songs to it because ... it's not charged? And not only can I not add songs, the songs and playlists that were on it have been replaced by a few TSN podcasts from 2006 that happened to be on my computer?

Hell, I can't even tell. I just get a .. random image that looks like a power bar being plugged into an outlet to appear on the damned thing. A power bar I've never seen before that I certainly do not have being plugged in - I can't imagine I'm ever going to figure this out.

Fuck technology. I fail - some 6-year-old knows how to do this and they statistically won't read a book in their life. ... shit.


Rogers said...

however, if I use my wife's iPod (the newer, sleaker, more awesome version of the iPod) everyting works fine.

Perhaps I should take a breath ... let the ol' iPod be itself and load in its own good time.

Then again - muthfucka! Play the songs I want you to play! That what you're meant to do! Fuckt you iPOD!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!

legs said...

Well...I can't figure out how to set someone as administrator in the party event on Facebook.

Rogers said...

mmhmm yes - probably should cool down after that one. I have Joe Walsh songs on an iPod now - I can take it to work.

I want to load up some REM on it so that the kids at work can know what REM is. It astonishes me that kids at work don't know who REM is.

Are you kidding me? They're REM!

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