Monday, October 4, 2010

Tomb of the Undead

Well, a while ago I was looking at a list of things that I wanted to do - mostly hobby-style stuff - and I knew that I wanted to start working on the graphic novel. I figured that if I never scheduled time to sit down and work on it, that it would never be done - so during some time off today I drafted up the 1 and 1/3 pages. I haven't really decided what all the characters are going to look like, what all the settings are going to be, or anything like that - but man, you I could come up with dozens of excuses to say I'm not ready to get started - and that's not going to work.

This isn't really in the script, just some art work I did to explore how a scene might look.

So, the outline for the first few pages are in production, and once that's done, you move onto the creation of a good draft, then you review it, ink it, scan it and BAM it's on the way. I think I'll draft up the whole opening scene before I start inking or anything. So far, nothing but a narrator, but I'm getting to introducing the underlying mythology of the story in the opening image.

I'll be excited to see what people think, and watch how the story comes together while I'm building it. It's been a long time, but today marks a special day that it's actually coming together.

The Lefevere's Redemption novel is still being worked on. I've decided that it's entirely realistic to edit/revise/rewrite a chapter per week. This keeps it in front of me, gives me something to do with it, without making it seem like too much to tackle at once.

So far: I've finished editing (heavily editing, like, marked up so much I'm embarrassed to show it to people) five chapters. Chapter six is on schedule for this week. Once the first few chapters are finished, I can edit them in the word processor and print it out - that first few pages can be part of the proposal submission to an editor/agent some time in the future, which is exciting.

Whether it develops into anything, I'm not entirely sure, but it would be definitely interesting to try and go through the motions. The feedback would be fun to get, and ... I think it would be cool to have a wall full of rejection letters to show for the hard work. That being said, I haven't received one yet, so I can't be entirely sure how it feels to be rejected - maybe it won't be as much fun as I'm tricking myself into thinking it will be.

Fundraising Faux-pas
I have committed to drawing up a few fundraising cartoons, as well. They are in the same vein as Good Idea, Bad Idea from Tiny Toons. I've finished my first one, and will be working on a second one this week. I've got five to do initially. I also hope to have another cartoon ready by the end of the month - but I'm not expecting to prioritize a lot of time to it.

You guessed it!
Not too many hours at work this week - so ... probably have time to start looking for better work this week, too. I will be really disappointed if I don't get at least a rejection letter from the people I submitted an application to last week. It was a lot of work to never hear back from them again. I'd sure like a job interview.

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