Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aeroplan miles

I have never redeemed anything with Aeroplan miles before - I normally just accumulate them and then look at them. My wife and I were saving up for 87,000 miles so we could redeem a sweet digital camera, but my in-laws were very kind enough to make that materialize much sooner than we were able to accrue that many miles. So that was great - but now I'm stuck with all these miles and nothing to redeem.

So - you can apparently get magazine subscriptions and novels, music, dvds, all kinds of stuff - and low and behold, there's the final season of Lost available for a relatively reasonable amount of miles. It was only about 8,000 miles, which may or may not translate into "$70.00" retail.

Anyhow - as a bonus for using the credit card (and to date, I don't think I've been charged a single dollar in interest for the past three years on the card) this is a great freebie.

So - it may take 3 - 5 weeks to arrive in the mail, but I'm still pretty pleased with the new acquisition. I used to spend weeks on eBay looking for the seasons for $20, but ... free is pretty good, too.

NOW - there's "opportunity cost" which means, is this in fact the best value I could have received for those same 8,000 points? But, who cares? They were free. Get something you like, something you want, not something you need for FREE.

I promise the next thing I redeem will be more for my wife than for me - as half the spending on the card is for her (at least half). So ... she can look forward to that for the next time around.

Love you, Honey. ;)

[Edit: I've also installed Skype - send me your Skype address if you'd like]

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