Saturday, November 20, 2010

Awful auto-corrects, mogwais and movember

I don't really have a very good texting phone - but that's fine with me. There's this site that has funny situations where the auto-correct for your texting (since when did it matter that your texts were spelled properly?) substitutes your word for something awfully incorrect.

In any case, of all the texts I went through, this one made me laugh. They were just trying to type MMMMMM in response to having sushi.

Classic Family Guy line instead, nice.

These words aren't much alike either - it's more funny to think that "fun" would be offered as a possible result for the letters in Tsunami. Auto-correct must have some secret agenda to f with people's lives.

Gremlins (1984)
I can't find a video of it, nor a picture of it, but remember this guy? The teacher from Gremlins? His name is Glynn Turman, and there was a scene (my favourite scene in the movie, I think) where he puts water on mogwai and makes another mogwai, then he puts them in separate boxes, and they knock on the boxes, talking to each other, as if they were asking if the other one was a mogwai.

And they go, "Mogwai? Mogwai? Mogwai?" as they knock, and the teacher and Billy just watch. I liked that scene the most. (Second favourite, when a gremlin hotwires Mrs. Deagles electric lift and it shoots her out the second story of her window, and the Gremlin goes: Deagle, Deagle, Deagle, Deagle." There was a street in Windsor called Dougle, and I always thought of that scene in Gremlins when I drove by it.)

Here's what Indy does for fun, she replicates the Gremlins scene with herself - meowing and scratching at the glass, probably to get outside, but in this image, it looks like she's pawing at herself.

Movember massacre
Every once in a while a man thinks he should grow facial hair. In some cases (like mine) it's a reminder to not do it. Movember seemed like a good time to bother trying one more time, just to see what would happen. I've never left facial hair un-shaved for more than a week, I don't think, so this has been a little weird.

It's scratchy and uncomfortable, and unsightly and sparse. It's like having one of those brushes you clean the BBQ with on your lip. It kind of looks like my eyebrows - making my lip look like an eyelid. My lips look a little dry, actually. A bit dehydrated first thing in the morning.

If it gets a little bit longer I can start to gel it and perhaps shape it to look like Det. Clouseau.

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