Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back from Peterborough

Mission accomplished - I found the Steve Chaisson Memorial - and took a picture. It is just as legs suggested - and in fact we'd been there before without ever knowing we were, in fact, there.

Conveniently enough - Millennium Park is immediately across the (King) street from 210 King Street, where my second interview was this morning. How'd it go? Well, I think it went well, I put myself on the table - everything they wanted to know, they now know. It's up to them to pick the person they want - we can only hope this is what they are looking for.

Some other neat shots I took on the way in to Peterborough were some neat foggy shots of the causeway (is that what you call these things?) where the water is warmer than the atmosphere.

North view out onto Lake Scugog. Looks like the moon still apparent in the sky.

South (yet, apparently East) view of Lake Scugog this morning.

On the causeway westbound on 7A just outside of Port Perry.

7A Westbound downtown Port Perry

And this is a photo of a squirrel with a white tail, but ... you can't really see it. It looked like a skinny little skunk up in the tree. Sorry it's not a better shot.

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