Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beautiful snowy morning

This is it - I'm going to wrap up Nanowrimo right now. The website is really lagging, which makes me think there are a lot of people on it, updating their profiles and tallying their word-counts.

9:12 a.m. update
So far: 300 words today
To go: 500 words left

9:28 today - this is what the page says:
  • The Novel Info has been updated.
  • The changes have been saved.
You Won!

Author, on November 1 you accepted our challenge to write a novel in 30 days. Harnessed with a hard deadline, you persevered in the face of countless obstacles. You wrote with determination, you quieted that inner critic, and now you've reached the hallowed Winner's Circle.

We couldn't be more proud of your amazing accomplishment! Thank you for joining us on this outrageously creative adventure—we'll see you next November for more. And we hope you'll join us in April for Script Frenzy, too.

Before you go celebrate, we have some very special NaNoWriMo Winner Goodies for you. There are two paths to collecting them. We hope that NaNoWriMo meant enough to you that you will take a moment now and make a tax-deductible donation to help ensure that NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program are fully enabled for 2011! (If you've already donated, thank you so much for your contribution!)

I would like to make a donation to support NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program, and then collect my 2010 Winner Goodies.


I would like to collect my 2010 Winner Goodies without donating to NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program at this time.

And I, of course, click on the bottom link ;) which takes us to:

Winner Goodies

Congratulations, novelist!

Your first goodie? Downloadable winner badges for posting on your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter profile!

Please do not link directly to these images on the site. Just download copies of the badges and place them on your webserver for your own use. Most web browsers have a Save Image or Save Picture feature: PC users can right-click on the image to bring up a menu, and Mac users can pull and drag images to your desktop, or Control + click on the image to save it.

To help you advertise your NaNoWriMo victory when you are off-line, we've created a special 2010 Winner's Certificate for you. After downloading it from our site, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to customize it with your name and the name of your book before printing it. (Or, if you prefer, simply print the certificate and write your name and novel title on the certificate.)

NaNo 2010 Winner Certificate

You can download your NaNoWriMo 2010 winner's certificate by clicking on the certificate image.

To customize the certificate with your name and the name of your novel, just click your cursor above the "you" and "your novel" lines and type directly onto the certificate before printing.

And finally, if you don't have your Winner Shirt yet, you can get one now!

You can return to this page at any time from now until October 2011 by logging in to NaNoWriMo and clicking the My NaNoWriMo tab in the main navigation bar, then selecting the Collect Winner Goodies link to the left of your profile.

In addition to these Winner Goodies, there will also be some great offers available to you on the Winner Prizes home page block, which will go live on December 2. This is where you can access your CreateSpace code and Scrivener discount. Please come back to the site then to retrieve the rest of your hard-earned goodies!

Congratulations again on your awesome accomplishment. Everyone here at the Office of Letters and Light applauds your intrepid efforts this November. We'll see you next time for another amazing month of literary abandon!

Warmest wishes,

Lindsey Grant
Program Director

There's a video, too, which you can view here.

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Congrats Sweetheart!
Very proud of you!