Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dino -list, -bots and -MMORPG

It has been a peaceful morning! The first day this week it hasn't been overcast, and the sunrise looks crisp,contrasted with the bright white dusting of snow we received overnight. Should be a pleasant drive to work this morning.

Sounds like (I was mostly asleep when she told me) my wife scored two goals at hockey last night, which is great.

See? The world is a better place when the Leafs are winning.

10 Spectacular Horned Dinosaurs
This is a great link with a cool rundown of some noteworthy ceratopsians. It's really cool - check it out. Some nice pics, too.

Nigersaurus - neat ft. in the video

What's very cool about this video? It is narrated by Peter Cullen (aka Optimus Prime! very cool) If you ask me, Dinobots are on their way for Transformers 3. C'mon! Bring 'em back.

Next Cryptic MMORPG to Feature Dinosaurs

Cryptic is a game developer, who apparently made the latest Stark Trek game. I don't know anything about it, but it'll be very cool if there is a very cool dinosaur game out there.

By Brenna Hillier

The news comes courtesy of a recent issue of the US PC Gamer, which reports the rumour in its gossip column. No hard source is mentioned, and no further details are given.

Instantly we have conjured up a working premise involving the ability to level up your carnivore and engage in fights with all our beloved and apparently fake herbivore favourites like brontosaurus and triceratops, or defend the plant-eating world from assault. But how to stop everyone playing as velociraptors or t-rex? Tricky.

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