Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good ... good

So - I checked my work hours at Crabby Joes this week, and it turns out that sales have been slow, so everyone has had their hours cut WAY back. Nobody is really working any shifts this week - and that could continue to be the case unless business picks up and fast - which means:

it's an awfully good thing (and good timing) that I'll have a new job starting soon. There's not much work to be had a Crabby Joe's, so it's a very good time to be moving on.

Nanowrimo and Tomb of the Undead
Didn't work on either of these today - SO it's a good thing that I'll have plenty of free time while I'm not working regularly at Crabby Joe's this week.

New Job
I'll learn more about salary, start date and orientation on Tuesday. Looking forward to it.

Wolverine Director Writing Ender's Game Screenplay / Steven Lloyd Wilson
My Brother will enjoy hearing about this - what with recommending these books (though I haven't read them yet)
Ender’s Game is one of the greatest science fiction novels ever written. Any overly bright ten year old who reads this novel basically feels like they’re reading a story written just for them. It gets the way that children think and act more than any novel I have ever read. And that makes the story even more horrifying even while being uplifting: a civilization mining its brightest children for a fighting chance to survive.

Orson Scott Card has resisted all attempts thus far to adapt Ender’s Game into a movie, quoted once insisting that he would not allow the film to be made unless it was right, “a film where the human relationships are absolutely essential—an honest presentation of the story.” Hollywood hasn’t given up, despite twenty years of false starts on the project. And so naturally, you’d turn over a script written by the author of the novel to be rewritten by the idiot who directed X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I don’t think Hollywood quite knows who they’re fucking with here. Everybody knows who Spiderman is. If you fuck up Spiderman’s story and make him an emo douchebag, the teenagers are still going to turn out in droves to see whatever CGI shit you throw in front of a camera. A movie like Ender’s Game has essentially no appeal to anyone outside the geeks who’ve already read the novel. And if you fuck up this story, the opening day ticket receipts aren’t going to make back the cost of the bottled water from the set.
Writing Comedy to Make People Laugh their Heads Off
Just how funny are you? There are plenty of people out there who think they are funny, but they suck. Then there are people who really are funny – apart from their work as a comedian.

But all successful comedians have one thing in common. On the stage, they can make people laugh. Some only have to walk onto the stage and people start to laugh before they even speak. So do you have what it takes?

Many comedians start out writing their own material, but if they just can’t see the funny side of things this may not be a good idea. A comedian might be able to present material in a way that makes people laugh, but if the material he or she presents is not all that funny, then success will be elusive – or non-existent. Many successful comedians depend on good writers for their material.

So if you really want to be a comedian, yet people don’t seem to be impressed, it may be that the material is not right for you, or perhaps it is not even all that funny. In this case you would be well advised to use material that someone else writes for you. If you ‘steal’ another comedian’s material, you could get into trouble.

The best reason for being a comedian is because you love doing it. If you get into the business to make money or become famous, you’re likely to be seriously disappointed. Those things may come to you if you are good – and persevere, but don’t count on it. If you are fulfilling an ambition and doing what you love to do, then it won’t matter if they don’t come, you’ll still be happy.

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