Friday, November 19, 2010

Good morning

Here's how it looks out the window today.

What makes it better?

Gustavsson shines as Leafs down Devils

TORONTO -- With a successful start behind him, Jonas Gustavsson wasted no time before looking ahead to the Toronto Maple Leafs next game.

The Swedish goaltender filled in admirably for the injured J.S. Giguere on Thursday, stopping 29 shots in a 3-1 win over the New Jersey Devils. The Maple Leafs will be relying heavily on Gustavsson over the next week or two while Giguere recovers from a groin strain.

I would say 'exorcise' devils, because they've had a lot of 'devils' in their performance over the past month, and perhaps they have now exorcised those demons, yet at the same time it matches up with the victory over New Jersey. But that's just me.


legs said...

Man do I LOVE paying 65.00 per month to catch almost no leaf games...something has got to give and it won't be the networks changing for me.

Are you in a snow belt? We have no snow over in Peterborough.

Decoerm....look it up.

Rogers said...

Which do you have, SportsNet or TSN? We have like, the most limited cable - and I'll just catch the recap online or listen on the radio.

Then again, if you downgrade you won't have Cake Boss.