Friday, November 26, 2010

Inventory blow-out (not Black Friday)

We had a gas leak at work yesterday morning that put us all behind in our work for a while. But we had a good opportunity to just go hang out as a team (there's 7 of us yesterday). We went and had coffees which was nice.

More importantly, the office didn't have an inventory blowout the day before Black Friday, so we were able to get back to work - it just took a little while to catch up on all the work that was missed. Everyone managed to make the most of it, though.

And for today, it's supposed to be real icy out there today. The radio says there are lots of cars in the ditch on the 115, so I'll have some sight-seeing on the way to work today. Let's hope the roads are alright - and I'll be sure to take my time.

Lastly, Nanowrimo is going very well. I've got a few days to go still, and I'm only 900 words short. Basically, the next time I sit down to write the story some more, I should wrap it up and be declared victorious, once again. This will make me 3 for 3 in the past 4 years on the subject, which is really great. I'm sitting at 41,970 words. Pretty awesome.

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legs said...

There are always cars off the road whenever the weather person mentions the roads could be bad. I don't understand it. The roads were not all that bad yet people have trouble. I don't know if they get the idea in their head that its "terrible" out there or something.

It leaves me scratching my head sometimes.

I took this "terrible route to work back in Nobleton that most people would aviod. Everyone else took King Rd. King Rd. awalys had trouble. I never did, even on that "terrible" road.

In other news...Peterborough is all about gas leaks lately.